The free energy story and War in Antarctica.

World war three


Basics or Free energy principles.


Introduction; suppression of free energy & electricity .

To clarify the definition of free energy from alternative energy is that the first name is used to description of sources in general unknown to the general public and faculties, and has been suppressed in the past,  but able to produce energy from the  environmental and free of cost. It is already in use in many places places like Dulce from level 4 onward and as described in different publication of Dulce inside, special units in the military and all modern flying disks.

Disclosure project:
It is Steven Greer who has made a career out of disclosing the truth about free energy in his Disclosure Project. 
He is pressing politicians in the United States to come forward with the truth. According to Greer, the nuclear arms race and the Cold War with Russia has created a political climate in the United States in which top-secret projects were launched to develop advanced military technologies. 
These classified projects were executed under the strictest of secrecy and only on a need-to-know basis few 
were informed about these programs.

Gradually things have become so complex and out of control while illegally consuming billions of US Government budget dollars, that congressman and even the President himself have lost total authority over these projects. 
Greer claims to have found several hundred whistle-blowers in the military, scientific and corporate community who can deliver documents, physical proof and testimonies of the deliberate suppression of advanced technological information. The military and intelligence are preventing public access to technologies that can definitely replace conventional oil, coal and nuclear energy sources. 
These technologies have been developed inside the United States for military applications, but when peacefully 
applied they can shape a totally non-polluting civilization and save our planet Earth.
Despite the dire state of our planet and the urgent need to reduce emission of CO2 and other substances in the air,  the US government has no intention to interfere also return the patents and notes taken from Nikolai Tesla and others.

Tesla explained

Discovering of electricity and the name connected with it is Tesla. (1856-1943)
. His main inventions however where suppressed. There where hundreds of inventions .

First; free energy or Radiant energy as he called and the name on his patent.Te story sounds stranger than sciencefiction. 
Free energy is the ability to converts an at that stage unknown form of natural wireless energy into electricity. The established producers of electric energies did not like it and did suppress this invention. Eventually Tesla did understand there point and their would not be much money to be made because everybody could after a small investment generate all the electricity he would need at no cost.It is all about power and money, to be able to dominate and control the economy.Patent 1901

Second:He did said sorry and let his design rest, instead started designed and test a wireless electricity transport system able to transport and access to electricity at any location on earth using the earth mantle and without any loss.Bassically the earth can best seen as an energy reservoir or what is water in a lake. Not sending current through wire but connecting to this reservoir in a controlled manner. He Called it Wireless transmission of energy and tested at the Wardenclyffe Lab. (1901-1906)With funding from JP Morgan, Tesla designed and built this Wardenclif Tower, a gigantic wireless transmission station, in New York in 1901-1902. Morgan thought the Wardenclif Tower could provide wireless communication across the world, however, Tesla had other plans. 

Again got himselves into trouble because the producers of the equipment for the distribution of electricity got upset. His loan for the Wardenclif Lab withdrawn.

Suppresion of technology is not limited to Tesla, there is a long list of Liberating technologies which are either regulated or suppressed in the past. These technologies include free energy, anti gravity, psychotronics, time travel, reality engineering, cancer cures, teleportation, etc all of which exist and continue at the secret government level and in underground locations but none of which is open to the public. You have to assume that the greater the technological difference between master and slave levels of society, the greater the power difference. (the presence of evil in our current government, corrupted and sick, and hiding behind a wall of lies)
Researchers of other unconventional sciencess which did faced suppression include the following in adition to Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, John Searl, Stefan Marinov, Eugene Mallove, Wilhelm Reich, Royal Rife, and Joseph Newman. There are many more who have been eliminated or silenced prior to becoming publicly known but these are the best known.
Science and mathematics as taught in our public educational institutions have been dumped down and rigged to prevent exploration into sensitive areas. This is done through tricks 

Blocking and withholding knowledge/ the introduction of new patent applications in relation to energy generation/transformation.
There are several way in which a government can suppression these inventions. For example through the patent office. There is the so-called “Invention Secrecy Act” written up in 1951. Under this act, patent applications on new inventions can be subject to secrecy orders. These orders can restrict their publication if government agencies believe that their disclosure would be harmful to national security.
One great example of delayed patent applications comes from Dr. Gerald F. Ross. He filed a patent application for a new invention he had devised to defeat the jamming of electromagnetic transmissions at specified frequencies. It was not until June 17, 2014 (almost 37 years later) that this patent was granted.
It’s also important to note (reported by the Federation of American Scientists) that there were over 5,000 inventions that were under secrecy orders at the end of Fiscal Year 2014, the highest number of secrecy orders in effect since 1994.
The 1971 list indicates that patents for solar photo-voltaic generators were subject to review and possible restriction if the photo-voltaic were more than 20% efficient. Energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiency “in excess of 70-80%.
You can ask if disclosure of such technologies would really be “detrimental to the national security,” or whether the opposite is truth. Stopping advances in technology due to restriction and non-disclosure? Government secrecy is a shady area to explore, because how much does the government really know? Worse if corporations dictate governmental policy and influence major decisions. It is also one of the main reason why China has become by far the leading producer of photo-voltaic generators.

The irony is  that most of these suppressed, neglected and misunderstood FREE energy principles have all been cleaner, cheaper and most importantly, in most cases have had the capacity to decentralize the energy grid and produce a self contained home power system. It is by now well proven the parties involved during Nicola Tesla were corporate America and at a later stage The US government. Than in 1951 regulated and f undated in law. The so-called “Invention Secrecy Act” written up in 1951. To be able to intervene at an early stage and before it gets attention. A mix of corporate greed backed by corrupted decision makers in Governments. 

The main concern involving the suppression of information in regard to free energy is to make it available to the general public because It would have changed our perception of the earth and our place in the universe.
Would have been possible for humans like you en me the benefits from almost low cost energy in abundance, travel, move including space using disk technology.In addition increase in knowledge and important physical processes.

Introduction to the Basics of free Energy.

There are several sources know using FREE energy technologies in the past and the oldest on a plate 6000 years old found in Sumer, Middle East. Presently best known; Dr. Nikolai Tesla and goes back almost one hundred years.
The Germans using it in WW2 in there flying disks and able to travel into space.
Free energy is the ability to converts an at that stage unknown form of natural wireless energy into electricity by Nikolai Tesla.

He tried to hand to humanity and the world free energy, Tesla developed components of technology whereby that could be accomplished. Tesla was a physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer of unusual intellectual brilliance and practical 

A Serb descent and but most of his work was conducted in the United States. Tesla's investors dropped the project when they realized there was no way to meter the power to make money on the end user. Now one hundred years latter We are trying to catch up and are still far behind compared where he was with his understanding of radiant energy and the information about removed bu the State of America.
In 100% of these cases as mentioned above the engineering principles involved have been misunderstood by faculties who even at present continue to class them as "crackpot" science despite being used in secrete installations and the military instead of new discoveries. The simple reason- Faculties or academics have long thought that these "type of devices" were "creating energy out of nothing". They did not understand or realize that we live in a world full of energy, everything is energy, and a open system.
When you do break particles down and down you end with energy and no matter. Matter is slow moving energy.
This fields can substrate or are a energy source which can power all the devices we have and enable space travel as well. There is not one energy form but many, there are other new discoveries involved. Higher efficient principles, new ways to utilize magnetic fields. All these new discoveries contained in the suppressed FREE energy genre and going on even today.
Failure of the Science community; basically, the physical nature and dimensional of charge is neither understood nor established in existing physics. 
In part, this is due to the opaque relationship between mass and charge, with the former being attributed to the charge-carrier and the latter often treated as a property distinct or separable from the rest energy of the carrier. 
Energy can manifest itself in various dimensionalities as charge in the ESU, EMU, CGS and SI systems, and contrast this with the correct dimensional of charge, and its expression in the meter-second system. 

(1) that mass is an intrinsic component of the elementary charge in every inertial particle.

According to some that;
 (2) that electric charge in mass-bound particles is a special variant of linear momentum which is constitutive of their rest energy. Important to realize the distinct algebraic fine-structures of mass-bound and mass-free charge.
There is no one to blame for things you do not know or understand, the trouble did arises with elements within traditional science that when you do not know now and reject reject all findings and anomalies as 
result of the faulty model, worse claim that the other is nuts and a lunatic. These position will be proven by many new explanations and theorems now actual tested.Another field;  Friedrich Paneth and Kurt Peters hypothesized a form of nuclear reaction that doesn't produce radiation, they were silenced and the science also and found in some crashed discs. Now it has reemerged. This science needs an independent institution, to ensure the public get independent validation.

New Terminology of Scalar Electromagnetic, a new science, several new names.
What is "Scalar Electromagnetics"? 
By Rick Andersen, 7/3/97
Scalar EM is the brainchild of Lt. Col. (retired) Thomas E. Bearden, a systems analyst and war games specialist who has been advocating a view of electromagnetic which is based on the notion of a vast, unseen background of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) which underlay all physical reality. 
What electrical engineers work with today, claims Bearden, is a subset of a higher-topology EM. Bearden claims that the four "Maxwell's Equations" taught today in electrical engineering are actually an over-simplified subset of Maxwell's original work. The pruning was done by Oliver Heaviside in the late 19th century; Heaviside took Maxwell's original equations, written in Hamilton's quaternions (related to what we nowadays call spinors), and "simplified" them by lopping off the scalar part of the complex numbers, leaving the easy-to-work-with vector part intact-- which radio engineers loved. After all, the entire electronics industry as we know it grew out of the telephone/radio technologies of the early 1900's. Who can argue that the "vector" approach is inadequate? 
Well, Bearden says that when Heaviside threw out the scalar part of the quaternionic EM equation, he unknowingly threw out the possibility of unifying gravitation with electromagnetism-- which has been a holy grail for scientists since Einstein himself wrestled with the problem. That's because the scalar part of the quaternion, according to Bearden, was the part that captured or modeled the "stress on the aether"-- which leads to curving/warping space time a la Einstein. Tom Bearden says we CAN unify gravity with EM, and convert back and forth between them, if we understand how vectors and scalars relate to one another and what the ramifications are. 
Vector fields can evidently be assembled by properly interfering scalar potentials (predicted in 1903-4 by mathematician E.T. Whittaker and probably engineered by the Soviets). 

The Main point: If Bearden is correct in his Scalar EM theory, then we can now build devices which would enable us to alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object. This of course has ENORMOUS implications for military applications, space-vehicle drives, time-travel, teleportation, paranormal phenomena, and just about every other area one can think of. 
The Big Question is, Will the 21st century see the acceptance, development, and implementation of Bearden's ideas (in plain public view, mind you), or will Scalar EM be found to have been just another dead end?.... Do certain world governments have these devices NOW?... Bearden says at least "three other nations, not hostile to the U.S.," now possess Scalar technology.

Scalar Electromagnetic

The Russian weapon scientists resurrected an old term from the history of electrodynamics, called "energetic s".
That is their approach to a unified field theory, where everything is based on "energetic s". This model as its foundations uses a very similar approach to that "single fundamental unit" model, where energy is the unit. 
If one makes the energy EM in nature, then one has the Russian energetic s approach.
This unified approach gathers everything in, including all energy actions and relations in inert matter.

The first branch of energetic s, called energetic s. 

The second branch, all field and matter interactions in living matter, called "bioenergetics".
The third branch, all mind operations and mind-matter interactions, called "psychoenergetics" or "psychotronics" as the Russians do.The 6000 years old tablet displays psycho-energetics as such.

Rick Andersen in an article called "What is Scalar Electromagnetic s?" describes the new science this way:
"Scalar EM is the brainchild of Lt. Col. (retired) Thomas E. Bearden, a systems analyst and war games specialist who has been advocating a view of electromagnetic s which is based on the notion of a vast, unseen background of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) which underlie all physical reality.What many do not realize is that our brains emit scalar waves or (Thought forms) and at the roots or forming this field we as such can measure and impact us.
It is the background flow we can notice in the back of our head or brains when in rest.

End of humanity?
What I now will mention will be hard for most people to believe, understand and envision and those who will not ask to 
remember for later. It is about why and how these kind of information and technology are restricted on earth. The humans and governments involved are only the caretakers of Earth Taking order from secret governments including aliens and organisations.
To make sure people on earth do not get hands on these type of knowledge/information. Earth is a kind of prison and we the prisoners.
Due to the introduction of new media and there unexpected impact on our life it became almost over night possible to exchange view without much control by the controllers and guards, getting themselves in trouble. There are several attempts and legislation on the way to undo this but short on time. 
Within a reasonable time these alien will have to be introduced, and several campaigns are already started.
Preparing us for so-called discoveries. (NASA) jargon. 
However before that day create as much mischief as they can and be able to present themselves as saviors, to rescue earth and its environment. Leave it now and remember this message when the alien are discovered and introduced. When we are ask to give up freedom/freewill in a stealth way. Important to remember that this mischief now but also in the past not our choise nor asked for but produced by the alien control and there servants. Deliberate and calculated. 
Suppression of free energy one of them. From the beginning there goal to prevent humanity from access to universal knowledge  and free energy and way's to improve our environment.

To make things worse being Terra-forming; or climate change.

The alien race known on earth as the living at Aldebar-4 best know on earth as Aldebaran have been hit by celestial disaster and rendering two of there planet in there star system Aldebaran in habitual. In search for a new world and resources discovered earth and have been here ever since. We do know a lot about them and there attitude to humanity. First there are the pre flood clay tablets and translated by Zecharia Sitchin, Development of saucer technology during WW 2 in Germany and the actual location of there original planet called Aldebaran-4.

It is the same group know now living underneath of earth surface in places like Dulce. There intention of main agenda is to enslave and control humanity and the transfer of at least one billion of there people to Africa.Our air composition and make-up is almost identical to Aldebaran a water planet but not completely identical. Trying to raise earth temperature  too a level where the accumulated methane at certain location at the sea bottom will be released causing the necessary changes to the climate on earth and after that the beginning of the large scale transfer of part of there population.
Another thing we do know is that there is a substantial age difference between humans and the Annunaki. 
The kings-list as found in Sumer show periods of reign there of up to 24000 years, and after there genetic modification of humans the first ones like the biblical figures like Adam, Eve and others up to 900 years.

Initial as hybrid but due to be able to reproduce mix with the still other humans around and not calculated for. Their first attempts to erase the newly genetic changed humans pre-flood and well documented by Zacharia Sitchin and others. Also found a description/plate of an free energy device in use.

Than they did lose the space war and there home planet taken.The aliens present on earth went underground but be managed to retain control, through religion, by setting humans against each other in wars secretly supporting both sides at the same time, control of financial system, corporate structures just to name a few. For example humans do not have any control of central banks , the central reserve in America nor is given full excess to what they are doing in our names/money.
Based on Sorcha’s article he/she talks about a race of beings that is working with the U.S. government (the secret government) and the two governments reportedly mentioned by Edward Snowden operating in America (one secret one what I call “surface”).  While this part is quite true, the secret government in both the U.S. and Russia, China and other countries as well are ALL working with various races of beings including the Greys, Reptilians (of many types), Draco, Raptors (see my interview with Navy Captain Mark Richards for more on this), Tall Whites, Nordics (of many types) and more.  Some of these races are friendly and have shall we say service to others, well meaning goals but many are what we call service to self and are not friendly (although they may pretend to be) and have some very self-serving even detrimental to humanity at large intentions such as invasion and takeover.  
Others claim that the statements by Hellyer do not reflect a clear understanding of what is really going on with regard to the Reptilian agenda/Nazi cabal which involves population elimination, creating Humanity 2.0 and the terraforming of earth. 
He is advocating the Grey agenda version which uses poor conservation and treatment of the environment by 
individual corporations as a smokescreen for a concerted terra-forming plan that is actually in place and being 
implemented. Worse the multinationals involved and the secret government set-up and controlled by them.
The main location of these Greys promoting this agenda are located in Dulce (USA) and Antarctica, interested in convincing us humans that we are inherently “bad” and have/need to be programmed because of the destruction of the eco-systems on this planet. Blaming errant humans rather than acknowledging the truth about the takeover/control by others.

The take over and control has already taken place a long time ago see note Mathilda/Airl. 
There agenda delayed due to losing the space war and going (hiding) underground. To be realistic we also have to say that just like Earth the universe is overcrowded too. 
As a result Earth population is of no value, rather a burden and the main interest by extraterrestrial are Earth resource but are now listed as part of the domain.( Winners of the space war and explained in an interview between Matilda-Macelroy and inhabitant of a crashed disk in Roswell 1947.
It is all about trying to sell these resource without involving humanity other than a few collaborators. We, humanity are cheated, enslaved and sold right now. 

Like mentioned and argued before there was no need for a energy and CO2 crisis. But as explained above it the alien agenda and collaborators is to killing (decimate) as many humans on earth as possible and the transfer of large part of their now over-populated planet Aldebaran too earth.

These civilizations are technological and military far advanced but have a craven mentality. Did present themselves in the past as our god but worse than any wartime criminal, did back the German agenda including separation and elimination of races.

By withholding information different governments but above all the USA will have to Cary the blame for the now worldwide pending disaster.

Far-well letter Matilda-Macelroy:

First:As for government denials and cover-ups, the events of September 11, 2001, have made it abundantly apparent to me that the U.S. government has destroyed any vestige of trust the American people and the world may have harbored, even through the Vietnam war, Watergate, and many similar betrayals, in the "honesty" of the American government, military and intelligence community, by blatantly lying to it's own people about almost anything and everything.

Second:The crystal clear perspective of hindsight has revealed a higher purpose to me: assisting the survival of the planet, all living beings and life forms in our galaxy!

The status quo of our government establishment has been to "protect the people" from knowledge of such matters. In fact, the only protection afforded by ignorance and secrecy is to hide the private agenda of those in power to enslave. And, by doing so, to disarm every perceived enemy, and ally, through superstition and stupidity.It is vital that people understand the devastating consequences to our spiritual and physical survival if we fail to take effective action to undo the longstanding and pervasive effects of alien intervention on Earth.





War in Antarctica, War for Antarctica.




Among the earth's seven continents, a great land mass exist not seen or directly visible and uninhabited underneath the 2 mile deep polar ice shelf which covers the Antarctic continent, 5.4 million square mile or 14 square million kilometer size archipelago twice the size of Australia consiting of three large peninsulas and many small ones. Its story is covering a mysterious, darkly hidden past.

The cover-up or the story enshrouded in governments nondisclosure and cover-ups. Despite the Antarctic Treaty signed by a dozen original nations in December 1959 promoting cooperation for shared scientific research that prohibits a military presence other than for adjunctive scientific purposes, more than a half dozen countries squabble over territorial claims - the UK, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, France and Norway. The ancient statement "as above, so below" can easily be applied to ongoing changes in the earth's Polar Regions

One part of Antarctica is actually growing warmer while another part colder. It is world most important natural water pump and primary orgin of all major oceanic currants.

According to Olafur Ingolfsson, a geologist from Iceland, 2% of Antarctica is and has never been covered by any glacier ice at all. The coldest place on earth does contain small patches of land with large freshwater lakes marked by significantly warmer temperatures. For numerous decades this anomaly has been observed by perplexed explorers and scientists. For all its ice and snow, this land of anomalies is also the world's largest desert.

This "land of everlasting mystery" as one of Antarctica's most famous explorer Admiral Byrd called it, is teeming with recent surprises and discoveries. The key to earth's past, present and future all intersect on that fifth largest continent, the size of the United States.

Part of the renewed interest is the result of Google Earth photographs, underground tunnels and subglacial rivers flowing in an environment supporting temperatures of 60-70 degrees F. The more whe know and the more we discover shows that this existing subglacial aquifer system was not only formed naturally, but has both a human and alien footprint inside.

It is also the origin of the now famous ilat papers and documented history of the forcers of the Old empire run by the Annunaki. These expansive inner chambers and underground caverns reveal and are connected with a vast comprehensive network of tunnels, military bases, possible cities, and even extraterrestrial UFO bases.

The presence of a wormhole close to its surface needed for space travel, connecting with Aldebaran.

In 2012 another strange anomaly was found on Google Earth of an odd 14.5 mile long 4.5 mile wide structure that appears to either be a monster-sized UFO lodged under the ice or a secret camouflaged research station. Russian UFO researcher Valentin Degterev found in 2015 yet another strange image on the February 2012 Google Earth and published what appears to be four tanks covered in snow lined up facing what could be a crashed 204' wide and 40' tall UFO.

There is the Piri Reis Map which does shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica ice free.

Supporting this belief of ancient civilizations once inhabiting the continent, are the more recent discovered two large pyramids located just 10 miles inland and a third near the coastline.


NASA's Operation Ice Bridge has made many experts to believe believing an ancient civilization did once existed underneed the now 2.3 kilometers of ice. That Antarctica was not a frozen tundra but was once teeming with plentiful plant and animal life that included human beings and as much as 10000 years ago. Of course wherever pyramids are discovered, speculation always abounds connecting them with extraterrestrial contact. Other and including me believe the lost city of Atlantis could lie under this continental ice shelf.


If these latest revelations and presence of these pyramids are now changing our perception of history. 



The VRIL-GESELLSCHAFT (VRIL Society). Being the Creators of the "other side flying machine" or flying earth based disks.
These disk create an extremely strong field around itself extending somewhat into its local surroundings; forming a 
microcosm or space which is absolutely independent of the surrounding earthbound space. 
At maximum strength this field is independent of all the surrounding universal forces - like gravitation, 
electromagnet radiation and matter of any kind moving through water. Movements which cannot by explained by current 
science nor shot down properly other than by accident and far advanced by what we do have.

Start: Legends of a hidden spiritual center, a sacred zone whose inhabitants secretly guide the evolution of life on Earth, are widespread in the ancient cultures of the East.
The concept of the hidden spiritual center of the world can be found in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, shamanism and other 
ancient traditions.The secret knowledge of these advanced technologies was concentrated in the Himalayan regions of India, China and Tibet. 
German secret societies, and later the Nazi SS did sent stealth expeditions to these regions where they found ancient 
scrolls with information and books, and relocated these back to Germany to study, along with some of the local monks and 
scribes who could interpret them.

As early as 1936 Hitler was sending teams of "Spelunkers" into caves and mines all over Europe searching for the Vril-ya. 
The Nazi's had also explored Antarctica extensively during the years 1937-38.
Initially these expeditions which began immediately after the First World War, but peaked after the 1930's when Hitler's 
Nazi Party came to power. Main drive behind it were the Thule, Vril and "Black Sun" the main German secret societies and  
guided by info obtained by the Vril mediums from a planet 68 light years away, origins of our gods and called Aldebaran 4. They finally did struck gold in Antarctica and at the inner world or at least the entrance the ILAT LITUM plates including instruction used to build the Vril_Odin disk which did prove to give access to time/space. 

In the year preceding the start of WWW Germany sent an expedition to Antarctica to scout out a location for a military 
base there. The Germans found such a location in the former Queen Maud Land which Germany renamed Neu Schwabenland. 
Three basis were build there on location of a previous ancient subterranean civilization located there. 

From 1939, when the first Antarctica base was officially established by Nazi the building program started  
and expanded greatly throughout the war, and accelerated with the looming defeat of Nazi Germany. There, in secret during 
1942-43, a base was built in the Muhlig-Hoffman mountains. Base 211 (or Station 211). The base was supplied with slave 
laborers shipped by sea and U-boats to construct an elaborate cave complex deep within the mountains- an impregnable fortress. Hot internal springs were found there, iron ore deposits, vegetation and access was achieved primarily through an underwater trench that ran through the area and finally the entrance to the inner-world.  Part of the earth core is hollow and not filled with molten Iron like scientist do like us to believe.

During the war, especially the latter part, German U-boats made frequent trips to the South Atlantic, South America, and 
Antarctica. Germany also set up floating meteorological buoys in Antarctic waters and weather stations on islands located 
between Antarctica and the tip of South America. The SS RuSHA, (Rasse and SeidlungsHauptAmt- Race and Settlement Bureau) 
began in 1942 to take women of Aryan decent (Volksdeutsch) from the Ukraine solely for the purpose of transporting them 
to Base 211.

Ten thousand women between the ages of 17-24, blonde and well proportioned, were recruited for the project along with 
2,500 Waffen SS soldiers serving in Russia. The goal of this massive undertaking was to create a colony at Base 211 
suitable for habitation and continued development of the Thule-Vril technology. It is believed that both the Thule and 
Vril Gesellschafts evacuated that technology to Base 211 at the close of the war under SS General Kammler, who was in 
charge of Germany's most secret weapons programs.
After the end of the war in 1945, Russian and American intelligence teams began a hunt to track down this perceived 
military and scientific booty of the advanced German technology. Following the discovery of particle/laser beam weaponry 
in German military bases, the US War Department decided that the US must not only control this technology, but also the 
scientists who had helped develop it "to ensure that [America] takes full advantage of those significant developments 
which are deemed vital to US national security."  Whilst initially publicized the nature, extent and secrecy of the project, 
later termed 'Operation Paperclip' remained classified until 1973.
It became clear in 1946 that 54 U-boats and over 6,000 technicians and scientists were '"missing" from Germany- especially
From the SS Technical Branch. There were also 40, 000 slave laborers and between 142,000-250,000 German citizens 
unaccounted for. Despite simply writing these off as probable losses and deaths of the war, Washington suspected that a 
large number of these missing actually escaped to South America and Base 211 (if such a base existed). 
The US then went on a hunt using the "war criminal" propaganda to cover up the search for technology akin to a South 
American version of "Operation Paperclip".

The United States, Russia and United kingdom now well aware about the secret base and conducting covered operation 
trying to destroy it and do damage without any real impact.
At the end of 1946 the US told the British to stop interfering in Antarctica and leave it to the US. In 1947 in the 
first scaled Antarctic summer "Operation Highjump" was launched with did include a full military task force including 
a aircraft carrier headed by Admiral Byrd. 
The task forth was to head straight for Neu Schwabenland and recon the area for a base. If one was found 4,700 armed 
troops would have been sent to capture it or destroy it. The task force able and capable to do the aerial recon, trailing 
magnetometers to detect any magnetic anomalies under the ice… but several of Byrd's planes were lost only to run into 
enemy opposition. "Operation Highjump" ended in failure as Byrd headed back after several weeks, far short of the 8 months
That was intended. In his unofficial comments to the South American press Byrd stated that he was attacked by "enemy 
aircraft" that "could fly from pole to pole at incredible speed". Subsequently or at the same time the modern UFO 
phenomenon began in 1947 and concentrated disc development programs were initiated in the '50s that continue on to 
present-day "black project" aircraft operated by the CIA, NSA, and NRO.

When Admiral Byrd reached Antarctica in January 1947 he not only encountered the breakaway German secret societies, but 
new technologies proven to be much more advanced than those seen in War-time Germany which had just been defeated. 
The U.S. Navy suffered a stunning defeat at the hands of the breakaway German faction.

Air reconnaissance was step up and improved equipment brought in and designed to map Antarctic and the underground 
complexes and entrances.
Than followed by a nuclear attack in 1958, when the Americans blew up two nuclear heads, one below the ice 
and one above, to get access to the proven subterranean German base. They did fail again but the nuclear device 
exploded below the surfing of the Ice proved to have far reaching consequences.



Antarctica consist of several lager Island and many small ones and not a massive continent.

It a natural pump and the origin of all major oceanic currents  and controls earth temperature distribution and actual climate. Our main seawater pump due to its unique construction or shape. On top a big Ice sheet and under-need deep water troughs. By exploding a nuclear device under this ice-sheet the pressure of the nuclear device transmitted cascading waves through these natural channels. In addition the emitted radiation transmitted through the ice instead of going upwards, affecting the ice structure/properties even at great distances. Change in structure of the ice, breaking and enhancing it breakdown and now large masses of ice entering the oceans. Most ice will break of and some will melt locally. 
in a relative short period and resulting in definite and long term climate change world wide. The world has changed for  
ever. The bomb did little damage to the entrance of inner earth as expected. You can only do that by exploding thermal  
nuclear device inside earth by sending them in by the poles and blowing up the earth itself. 
The US  did keep it a secret due to failure and the same time world scientist baffled by unexpected temperature and  
current changes which they cannot explain by using accumulated date from the past. 
Also there will be a substantial increase in sea levels worldwide and that will be much more and happen much faster than previous assumed. 
Again the Antarctica is the most important place on Earth and tampering with it asking for calamities. 
It is beyond stupid to do just such a thing. Some are suggesting that it is another attempt to eliminate most of the human population and not an accident. Causing mayhem on earth, there is a hidden agenda. 
Part of the melted ice will result in an not expected rise in the seawater levels, change an defect on oceanic current  
being deep water  or surface and local effects. After most of the ice did melt the increase in temperature will release great amounts of methane in the air. Higher content methane now present in the deep water troughs of our oceans, carbon dioxide and moisture change the climate drastically and more conduct to the race living on Aldebarin after which the large scale  transportation of one billion people of there race to what is now Africa would start.

Antarctica consist out of several lager Island and many small ones. It is the the origin o

So the by now accelerated climate changes result in increase in sea levels, carbon dioxide and methane levels, higher temperature and moisture/humidity and is more conducive to what the new inhabitants are used too. In Aldebaran the visible land/water is only 10 % while at earth it is 45.
Regard as very important to hide there present and contacts  until every thing is prepared and arranged behind closed doors. There are basically two difficulties in communication and understanding. First the Annunaki or grey do get very old and based on the Sumerian kings-list between (20-40000) years old and any action taken may based on centuries not years. It might best be illustrated by the fact and some claims that Enki after there (Annunaki) defeat in the sky/universe is part of the group who did go underground  and are still be here and alive. The new rulers in this part of the universe have shown no interest in humanity other than Earth natural resource which are now considered as there property. The Annunaki  are more or less emotionless and that alone makes it very difficult to reason/understand and able to decide to erase humanity of the surface of the earth. (Big Flood)


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