The free energy story and War in Antarctica.

World war three

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Opening game, the love game

I love you

If you really believe in LOVE, If you want to have a future with a woman who naturally knows your heart, then take my heart and let's embark on a journey of pleasure,companionship,friendship, bliss,friendship, growth, love, and a beautiful family. I believe we have lots of chemistr…

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Virtual sex as part of a scammer tool box.

For my future husband eyes only!

I am sitting right here and thinking what my day will be without you in it.I feel so safe and secure and i have perfect confident in you that we are going to have a great time together and i find it hard to wait.You turn me on every time i am reading your emai…

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Scammers, Living, dating and traveling has become risky in the 21st century.

Living and traveling has become risky in the 21st century. There are hundreds of threats to our lives from terrorism to Ebola outbreaks, other are based on new and more recent dangers using modern techniques, scams and scam emails and scam chats/letters.

These scams use the capabili…

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