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World war three

Scammers, Living, dating and traveling has become risky in the 21st century.

Living and traveling has become risky in the 21st century. There are hundreds of threats to our lives from terrorism to Ebola outbreaks, other are based on new and more recent dangers using modern techniques, scams and scam emails and scam chats/letters.

These scams use the capabilities offered by the modern media and approach you within your private environment, the ability by others far away to connect and attempt to exploit you that way. These scammers operate in almost any country on earth but Nigeria and now Ghana well advanced. Everybody receives these, on literally a daily basis, whether it be a Nigerian Princess needing to smuggle out all her diamonds, cash, gold, you are need in money transfer, safe an inherit money but cannot got excess or in need of some help, an Eastern European investment scam that is guaranteeing success of 150% profits.
You simple cannot know who is behind that keyboard. Most Scammers are very flexible in getting your money, they offer you simply everything you want to see and hear. They are going to hand you nothing. The real truth is that a person or lady you do believe that you are dating on a dating site could be anybody and located anywhere in the world a boy, a girl, a granny and all by profession very adept at creating illusions and hiding their tracks.

The date-scam is simple and consist out of:
acquaintance =>chats and emails => I love you (=> virtual sex) => I want to meet you => send me money and each described separately in some detail in  4 sub-pages

The dating scam differs from most other scams because of the emotional content involved, playing with your heart. And it is always important to know whether the girl you are about to give your heart to is a teenager in Nigeria or the Philippine, Russia, the USA, messing up your mind for a quick buck.
Because they do enter your house electronically and go directly into what was long seen as private territory and engage their with you. After changing a number of email or text messages and he or she has the feeling you are hooked the scammer begins urgently to ask for money to cover expenses and unexpected expenses. To enhanced communication like webcam, camera, laptop, other more personal involvements; car accident, lost of salary, money stolen, to pay the rent or repairs, to pay a hotel bill, to buy a airplane ticket. The last one often used and very expensive. They want you to send the money to buy the ticket and not let you send a ticket. Money send is money gone. On there way to the airport something unexpected does happen an accident for example, not only the money for the ticket lost but now you will asked to contribute to  the cost of treatment and hospital all fake of course. Providing prove using documents no problem.
After having engaged with 20 of these scammers I was sick to the bone and my blood cold as ice. I am still trying to recover. The damage done to a human psyche is real and can be substantial. There are suicides reported by people involved in these scams.

Decided to spend some more time on sub pages to explain how they  work/cause damage to another being, there prey. It is only intended for the older guy because for the young ones, the teens it does not look like a real problem, we the older ones as such targeted. Most at risk are the older males (50+). There are male scammers too but there number is limited, most scammers approach you as being females. The fault being exploited and used of is that the older guy did grow up in an environment where you had to assume that most people are good until proven otherwise. Now you have to realize that because you do no longer know many of the people in person nor where they do come from you can get easily be mislead.
That before you can trust someone can another only after that person has proven himself trustworthy and should not be granted. When you read the copies of the different mails and text messages you see that these scammers do talk about trust all the time. It return and returns and some go as far as to suggest that it is more important than love.
In today's society It should be the other way round,  something you cannot grant without knowing the other. Doing so is stupid and does not take into account the changing world.
To illustrate it I will start the first sub-page with my experience with a scammer from Nigeria and you can judge for yourself after reading it. It is lengthy but could also be seen as amusing and some can learn from it.

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