The free energy story and War in Antarctica.

World war three

Opening game, the love game

I love you

If you really believe in LOVE, If you want to have a future with a woman who naturally knows your heart, then take my heart and let's embark on a journey of pleasure,companionship,friendship, bliss,friendship, growth, love, and a beautiful family. I believe we have lots of chemistry together and with that i believe we could make this friendship a long and lasting one if only we are both ready? to..

How are you doing
Thanks for the caring heart message you sent to me Everytime i receive message from you smiles comes to my face, My love I want you to know i can't really stop thinking about you and i thank God i found you,I want you to have the faith,focus in this 
relationship cos been faithful,focus,honest,trustworthy can only make our dream come true.
I want you to have the faith in me, I want you to believe in me, I don't want you to have a bad mind or think negative about this relationship,I want you to have a good thought about this relationship, I want you to give this a try and see what the future will leads to us.I want you to give this a try and I promise i will do anything to make you happy,I promise i will never let you down and I promise you will be the happiest man on earth when we meet. Can I really trust you with my heart, Without you breaking it on me? My heart's vowed never to fall in love again. But it's weakened,has come to surrender, o be held in your tender hands And mended back together. 

Hello my true love ,Your words are so wonderful that each time i get to read your email i feel you so close to my heart and your words means alot to me and i cherish every word you speak cause your words are so sincere and it's of the truth and i believe in all you say and your true feelings to me and i do sincerely do love and cherish all your words and feelings towards have 
really changed me with the beauty of your words and the truth of your heart and i am not scared of your love..i am confident and ready to share every moment and time with you cause i have vowed to love you forever and ever till death do us part,cause your love for me is unconditional and it's so true. .
this is the first time i am experiencing true feelings and sincere emotions

Ur words are like the air i breath in each they that helps me to survive I will not stop loving you cause our love is now one and we will grow older in each other's arms loving each other to the fullest and to the greatest height. my love for you is going to be what you will ever wanted in your life and you will be so happy each day you get to see the smile on my face .cause each day i get to see you i will put a big smile on your face..cause you are my man and my true love...i am going to make you so happy that you can't let me go away from your life..and i won't even leave cause i have no reason to stop loving's 
only death that can do both of us path and i know with the truth of love in our heart is will help us to grow older in love in each others heart...i am so in love with you that each time i get to imagine your looks i just smile and my heart sings for you

I like what i hear and feel and i know my imagination will come to reality someday i have strong feelings for you and i know we won't both let each other down we are both seeking for true love and i know we have found it cause it's all about me and you,but no one else,we can do it and i believe in you and your words,no 
one can make our happiness come true,it's right in me and you,you can explore it outright when you feel so loved by a woman,i am so happy we both found each other why i am so attracted to you is that, the words you say is more than you type into computers those words are full of inspiration and it comes straight into my thought and it just dwell in my heart. I feel so safe and secure and i have perfect confidence in you ,you are just like a prince unto me just like someone i could love so much with all my heart despite the fact that we can't even see each others face and touch each other and we still trust and feel each others heart what a wonderful moment we have heard online together

Well i believe in the Beauty of my dreams that's why the future remain bright and Good for us.Just to let you know that I have taken myself off the website and would appreciate it if you do the same. 

your heart for your kindness,I really appreciate it,I understand that you have doubts,and a part of me likes it because your doubt shows that you are thinking about me,the other part does not like it because I know what doubts does to people,it tears them apart and it destroys happiness.For something to stand you need to risk it falling.I do not doubt that you love me or that you will always be there for me,but when we are apart things get really funny when we can't see each other.I know what the mind sees the heart believes but I ask for more,that's what shows that we are different,I am still trying to understand what we share,I know its bond which is very strong,and bonds like this last forever,it 
wraps us up in its cocoons making us ever close to each other.I share your fears but I ask for faith,I know words are sometimes not enough but then that's what I have to offer and if you cannot take me for my words then you will be taking a great risk to be wanting to spend the rest of your life with me.

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