The free energy story and War in Antarctica.

World war three

Virtual sex as part of a scammer tool box.

For my future husband eyes only!

I am sitting right here and thinking what my day will be without you in it.I feel so safe and secure and i have perfect confident in you that we are going to have a great time together and i find it hard to wait.You turn me on every time i am reading your email or thinking of you,despite the fact that we cant even see each others face and touch each other and we still trust and feel each other,what a wonderful moment we have shared on here and i really cant wait to meet you in person.

It's so wonderful,perfect,full of life and imagination and i know that we are going to make each other happy and satisfy each others desires,i have so much in me to explore with you,because i can't stop typing and talking cause it makes me stronger to express what i feel inside of me.I really couldn't get you out of my mind all day and night,i can't stop thinking of how fate has caught both of us and making us want each other so bad,i am glad with this sweet feeling i have inside my heart about you,i just hope you won't stop seeing me this way ,i feel so strong about you and can't stop thinking of you even when i am working,i pause at times to think of you and the thoughts of you makes me really horny and it has really kept me going and made work a lot more easier done for me,i really appreciate this feeling you left in me and i can't wait to prove to you how much i want to be with you so bad,i am missing you already,kissing each other,holding each other,cuddling each other and satisfying each others desires has been the thoughts in my mind for a few days I get really horny thinking of you but i am glad in a few days i'll be concluding the exhibition designs and we can finally have time to be together,i ll like our first meeting to be somewhere we can make out to each other privately and have fun.
I have been able to make some designs and have few to be completed. I want you to know that my feelings for you are true as i have never felt this way about a man in a long time.

I have a lot to tell you in person and i know you are there waiting to sit and cuddle with me hold hands,be in each other's arms, share so much love inside as soon as we get together, in each other's arms,i ll have to remove your shorts and your pants and have you seat on the chair,I reach your knee,heading upward, up towards your manhood, up towards the essence of your being. I start planting little feathery kisses along the tender inside of your thighs and approaching your balls.
Your body is beginning it's dance of sex, but I by-pass your core and start down the inside of your left leg with my feathery little kisses. By the time I reach your feet and suck the toes of your left foot, you are ready to moan with joy and reach once more for me. Again, I deny you the pleasure of pulling me up. Again, I start kissing my way upward. When I reach your left knee, I move from the outside of your leg to your inner thigh. Again, I plant feathery little wisps of kisses on your leg, but this time I push your legs far agape and kiss my way up both of them at the same time.

I can smell your cock and feel the heat as I approach your balls. My lust is rising as I approach the tips of your balls.
My tongue explores from your balls licking them gently to the root of your cock, lightly at first and then with more authority as our lust for each other rises. I take my fingers and gently hold your hard cock in my hands stroking it up and down and kissing the head at the same time while i am doing that,i am rubbing your belly up to your tiny nipples and tickling it. My tongue finds the tips on your cock and you almost come out of your seat as I press my tongue and close my mouth against this nubbin full of nerves,trying to suck some cum out of your cock head. Your moans are louder and more constant as my tongue probes your depths having your cock fuck my throat. Your legs squeeze against my head trying to keep my tongue as far inside you as it can reach.You can't stand the gentle torture any more and pull me forcefully up from my ministrations. You grab hold of my tits and bring it to your mouth and have your fingers deep down my pussy making me wet all over. Then when i cum all over,you gently have me bend holding the table and gently insert your cock into my pussy banging me from behind,making me feel your cock deep down my belly,I love this feeling honey and i can't wait for us to do this to each other soon,i really hope you feel the same. 

Scammers have to be very flexible in getting your money, they will offer you everything you want to see and hear.  Do you want to have virtual sex with her she will be glad to share her ideas with you. From what I do understand now is that most male will ask their dates relatively soon for explicit sexy pictures. Some like and most will provide these but some more are more reluctantly. They are in a number of situation asked to do certain specific postures not common to prove they are real. It is very easy to get standard pictures but by choosing an uncommon pose not. Basically the so called spammer female and whoever that is will provide her so called lover with anything he ask for because they will never going to meet anyway and the pictures used not there's and here might be a problem. If the girl on the photo part of the plot they will supply different scammers at the same time. When you take a closer look at these pictures the electronic mark being place, date is normally removed suggesting the same. Pictures of gorgeous girls are essential to their business. 



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